Top 15 economics and finance blogs

December 20, 2013 353 Comments

Top 15 economics blogs.

1. (Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize 2008, Princeton U.; one of Time magazine's top 25 blogs, together with Freakonomics)

2. (Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prize 2001).

3. Brad DeLong (UC-Berkeley)

4. Mark Thoma (U. of Oregon) (which also includes a very comprehensive list of economists blogs on the right side column; he was my Professor at UofO).

5. Dani Rodrik, Harvard U. (on development economics)

6. run by Steven Levitt (U. of Chicago) and Stephen Dubner (journalist), co-authors of the book.

7. James Hamilton, UCSD; and Menzie Chinn, U. of Wisconsin (also an extensive list of blogs on the right hand column).

8. (Felix Salmon, on Finance and Economics)

9. (“Slightly left of center economic commentary on news, politics, and the economy.”, run by a group of economists and finance Ph.D.s)

10. (RGE Analysts, Chairman Nouriel Roubini, NYU).

Media sites:

11. (Financial Times blogs. They are all great. Especially Buiter, Crook, Wolf, and Alphaville)

See, in particular, the Economic Forum:

12. (Economics blog on The Economist)

13. EconoChat captures Tom Keene's thoughts on economics, finance and investment

14. (More financial than economics)

15.  Rana Foroohar is TIME's assistant managing editor in charge of economics and business.

Honorable mention.  Progressive Economics Forum.

I would have added Brad Setser (, but he has joined the Obama administration.

Here are competing lists: Street Journal)

Whose economics blog is:,8599,1873144-3,00.html (Time CNN) (The Times, UK).  (Palgrave). (Intute, UK).

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